Recipients of PSC Small Grant Awards

Perceptions of Violence Against Women in Africa

Rachael Pierotti

Rachael Pierotti

Results from a previous quantitative study examining attitudes toward domestic violence highlight an interesting contrast between the neighboring countries of Zambia, where acceptance of domestic violence is very high, and Malawi, where acceptance of domestic violence is relatively low. Qualitative in-depth research was required to explain this contrast. Second, existing programs in Kenya provide interesting opportunities to investigate local reactions to health and development programs that promote human rights-based approaches to combat violence against women. Rachael investigated how these rights-based approaches are perceived, how they are integrated (or not) with other modes of pursuing health and safety for women, and to what extent they succeed in fostering support for gender equality.

Funding Source: Marshall Weinberg Research Fellowship

Funding Period: 11/29/2011 to 12/31/2012

International Focus: Malawi, Zambia