Recipients of PSC Small Grant Awards

Balancing Work and Caregiving for Older Adults

Sarah E. Patterson

Sarah Patterson

Using the PSC small grant funds, I will contribute new empirical and theoretical findings regarding how family members balance work and care responsibilities, focused on care for older adults. First, I will examine the past literature; second, I will describe patterns of care and work by different demographic groups in the U.S.; and, third, I will test theoretical hypotheses regarding balancing care and work. The funds will allow me to address these specific aims through training and attending conferences. First, I will expand my methodological skills to include sequence analysis which will allow me to better understand the organization of daily work and care patterns among caregivers of older adults. Second, in support of my aims, I will present findings at two important professional conferences in 2020: the Work and Family Researcher Network conference and the American Sociological Association.

Sarah Patterson received an additional award from the Albert Hermalin Scholars fund in 2019-2020.