Ron Freedman Video Interview

Remembering a Distinguished Career
Ron Freedman Reminisces with Patrick Shields
A Population Studies Center Oral History
Fall 2002

Part 1
Coming to Michigan
Graduate Career
Post M.S. and Ph.D.
Chicago to Michigan
Others Involved
International Fertility
Creation of PSC
Dollars for PSC
PSC Principles
Environment and Trends

Part 2
Others Involved in Decision
Why a New Center
Other Partners
Taiwan Experiment
Purpose of a New Center
Location of PSC
Training at PSC
PSC Funding History

Part 3
PSC 40 Years Later
Is the Center Different
Any Surprises
Contribution of Leslie Kish
Detroit Area Study
Interdisciplinary Character
Other Disciplines
Sociologists and Economists
Other Economists at PSC
Early Scientists at PSC

Part 4
Selecting New People
Recruiting Students
Other Staff
International and Domestic
Parting Comments
Ren Farley’s Work
What Is the Future for PSC
Unanswered Questions
More About Amos Hawley
The Duncans
The Couples
Deborah and Wrap Up