Neidert tweets from NPR on election night

November 06, 2012

Lisa Neidert will be tweeting from NPR headquarters in Washington DC on election night. NPR selected a group of about 30 applicants to tweet about election night activities. The successful applicants include a pen and ink artist in San Francisco, a high school civics teacher, a city council woman from a small town in Ohio, a social media analyst from MIT, a left-leaning graphics/web designer, and lots of new media/tech start-up folks. Selected tweets will be re-tweeted by [Andy Carvin]( Pictures and tweets will also be featured via [NPR’s tumblr](, which will also appear on NPR’s primary election night page.If you do not have a Twitter account, you can still follow the NPR activities directly by the links above or directly via links below: [Follow other NPR tweeters]([Follow only those tweets related to the election](

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