Helen Levy discussed economic benefits of Medicaid expansion on Marketplace

May 24, 2021

According to a new report, if the 14 states that still have not expanded Medicaid did so, more than a million new jobs could be created in 2022. Helen Levy and coauthors found Michigan added 30,000 jobs as a result of the state’s 2014 Medicaid expansion: “Helen Levy said more than a third of the jobs were in health care. But others were in retail and construction. ‘Not all the spending stays in health care. Some of it spills over.'”

Expanding Medicaid to holdout states could add jobs beyond health care on Marketplace.

Levy, Helen G, Ayanian, John Z, Ehrlich, Gabriel M, Grimes, Donald R. 2017. Economic Effects of Medicaid Expansion in Michigan. New England Journal of Medicine 376:407-410.