Dean Yang’s Combatting COVID-19 in Mozambique study releases Round 1 summary report

October 05, 2020

PSC Researcher Dean Yang and co-investigators James Allen, Arlete Mahumane, James Riddell IV, Tanya Rosenblat, et al have released their Round 1 summary report from the Combatting COVID-19 in Mozambique study.Some key findings:- Households report large declines in income (33%) from before to after the pandemic, and high levels (72%) of food insecurity.- Household knowledge, beliefs, and behaviors related to COVID are mixed and incomplete. On these fronts some outcomes are positive, but others show that there is room for improvement. Surveys continue with these households, and forthcoming is a report on the impact of phone-based interventions to improve COVID knowledge and promote social distancing. The English and Portuguese versions as well as the Appendix presenting all survey summary statistics are available.This survey research seeks to support the Mozambican COVID-19 response, in collaboration with the government’s health research center for the central region, by following up on a study sample of a randomized controlled trial in Mozambique. Sample households will be contacted by phone and administered several rounds of surveys regarding COVID-19 knowledge, beliefs, and behavior. We will randomize novel over-the-phone interventions to test if we can encourage social distancing by accelerating changes in community norms and improve knowledge about COVID-19 via incentives and tailored feedback. Our findings will support the Mozambican response by informing policymakers of the public’s COVID-19 knowledge and behaviors and on which public health messaging strategies are best to pursue given limited resources.