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Children and the US Justice System

Children and the US Justice System

Michael Mueller-Smith

The goal of this investment is to expand CJARS’s work in the space of children and young adults. Funding will support continued scholarship on the prevalence of intergenerational exposure to the US justice system. It will also support a series of outreach efforts to explore potential synergies between existing CJARS work and the community of justice justice practitioners and scholars.

Project Abstract/Statement of Work:

• Expand CJARS ability to produce statistical measure of criminal justice involvement by geography, and to disaggregate measures by age (including 18-24 year olds) and race/ethnicity;
• Add to CJARS data holdings from court systems in the US South and Southwest;
• Explore the feasibility of integrating information from specific state and local juvenile justice systems, summarizing relevant research questions, legal and ethical constraints, and the quality and availability of data;
• Continue building access pipelines to CJARS data and research for both researchers and disproportionately affected communities;
• Conduct research on how child are exposed to the US justice system
• Explore how youth could be integrated into decision-making about CJARS growth and research priorities.