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Thursday, April 18

8 to 9:15

Measuring health retrospectively
Sarah Burgard, Erin Ice † Lucie Kalousova, Janet Wang †, Ebony Johnson †

Racial Inequality in the GI Bill Home Loan Guaranty Program: Findings From Newly Digitized Administrative Records
Chinyere Agbai, David Bleckley, Katherine Genadek, Trent Alexander
Delaware A

The Mortgage Interest Deduction and the White–Black Wealth Gap, 1984–2021
Joe LaBriola, Chinyere Agbai, Nils Neumann
Delaware A

8:30 to 10 Poster Session (Regency Ballroom)

A Life Course Study of Adverse Childhood Experiences and Accelerated Aging
Joshua Goode †, Rachel Hsu, Edward Huntley, Colter Mitchell

Confidants and Caregivers: The Overlap Between Social Networks and Care Networks and Implications on Well-being for Older Adults
Yongxin Shang, Sarah Patterson

“Families Are Messy, Aren’t They?”: Defining Family and Care Expectations Among Family Caregivers
Sarah Patterson, Olivia Morreale

The Aging Immune System and All-Cause Mortality: A Biodemographic Approach to Understanding the Importance of the Immune System in Aging Processes
Yuan Zhang, Rebecca Stebbins, Grace Noppert, Allison Aiello

Disability Among Middle Age and Older Immigrants: Examining Differences by English Language Proficiency, Citizenship, and Years in United States
Shane Burns †, Elizabeth Baker, Connor Sheehan, Kyriakos Markides

Relationship Conflict, Intimate Partner Violence, and Changing Educational Desires and Expectations Among Emerging Adult Women
Lindsay Cannon, Jennifer Barber, Yasamin Kusunoki

9:30 to 10:45

The Depth of Disadvantage: Racial/Ethnic Inequalities in the Intergenerational Persistence of Poverty
Davis Daumler †
Delaware C

Utilizing Longitudinal Methylation Analyses to Connect Environment to Health, Development, and Aging
Colter Mitchell, Trey Smith, Josh Goode †, Erin Ware, Helen Meier, Jessica Faul, Daniel Notterman
Franklin A

Historical Violence and Racial Variation in Risk of Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes: A Test of the Weathering Hypothesis
Nancy Toure, Rebecca Abbott, Amy Bailey, Elizabeth Breen, Margaret Hicken, Michael Kramer
Union D

Historic Structural Racism and Accelerated Biological Aging Across the Life Course
Helen Meier, Sarah Laurent, Lauren Gaydosh, Bruce Mitchell, Jeffrey Wing, Jessica Faul, Colter Mitchell, Maggie Hicken
Union D

10:30 to 12 Poster Session (Regency Ballroom)

Did Politics Trump Health? Political Conservatism as a Fundamental Cause of Disease in the COVID-19 Pandemic
Spencer Allen †

The Impacts of Layoffs on Dietary and Drinking Behaviors Across the Life Course: Evidence From China, 1993–2011
Qian Song, Emily Lim, Ning Zhang, Esther Friedman

11 to 12:15

Life Course Reciprocity: Do Parental Investments Influence Adult Children’s Support of Their Parents?
Sarah Patterson, I-Fen Lin
Taft B

Rights at Odds: Gender Essentialism, Market Primacy, and Women’s Work–Family Conflict in an Autocracy
Yun Zhou

The 2021 Child Tax Credit, the Living Arrangements, and Housing Affordability of Families With Low Incomes
Natasha Pilkauskas, Katherine Michelmore, Nicole Kovski

Urban-Rural Disability Disparities Among Older Adults in Middle-Income Countries
Shane Burns †, Joseph Saenz
Frankln A

Son Preference
Emily Treleaven, Discussant
Union A

1:30 to 3 Poster Session (Regency Ballroom)

Accelerated Aging and Neuroendocrine Functioning
Jose Guzman, Abigail Histed, Ryan Tung, Colter Mitchell, Christopher Monk, Luke Hyde, Nestor Lopez-Duran

2 to 3:15

Depressive Symptoms Are Associated With DNA Methylation Age Acceleration in a Cross-Sectional Analysis of Adults Over Age 50 in the United States
Herong Wang, Kelly Bakulski, Freida Blostein, Brittany Porath, John Dou, Cesar Higgins Tejera, Erin Ware
Taft B

3:30 to 5 Poster Session (Regency Ballroom)

A Geographic Perspective on the Rise in Charcoal Consumption in Malawi, 2004–2020
Katerina Beach, Varun Goel, Yu Wu, Barbara Entwisle, Pamela Jagger

Historical Influences on Literacy Among American Indians
Arland Thornton, Linda Young-DeMarco, Matthew Snipp

6:30 to 8:30 Reception

Don’t miss ISR’s joint reception with the University of Wisconsin and UCLA at the Hyatt Regency, Columbus, in the McKinley Room!

Friday, April 19

8 to 9:15

Research Roadmap on Adolescent Abortion Access Policy
Julie Maslowsky, Laura Lindberg, Emily Mann
Union A

COVID-19 in a Vulnerable Population: Results from the Study of Adolescent to Adult Neural Development
Helen Meier

Using Long-Term Histories of Business Turnover and Neighborhood SES to Understand Community Risk and Resilience to the Social and Economic Consequences of the COVID-19 Pandemic
Philippa Clarke

8:30 to 10 Poster Session (Regency Ballroom)

Neighborhood Disorder and Allostatic Load Among Older Non-Hispanic Black and White Adults: An Inverse Probability Weighting Approach
Jiao Yu, Weidi Qin, Theresa Osypuk, Viktoryia Kalesnikava

Making Sense of Middle Eastern North African and South Asian Ethnic Neighborhoods
Angubeen Khan †, Min Zhou, Randall Kuhn, Jessica Gipson

9:30 to 10:45

Wealth Inequality and Mobility During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Joe LaBriola, Jake Hays †
Taft D

Population Aging and Income Inequality in the United States, 1968–2019
Janet Wang †, Robert Manduca
Taft D

Intergenerational Ties, Family Formation Trajectories, and Marital Timing: A Longitudinal Exploration Using Sequence and Event History Analyses”
Emma Banchoff †
Delaware B

Does the Earned Income Tax Credit Crowd Out Financial Assistance From Parents?
Katherine Michelmore, Anna Wiersma Strauss, Emily Wiemers

More Than Just Work: Does the Earned Income Tax Credit Affect the Quantity, Quality, and Type of Employment Faced by Single Mothers
Katherine Michelmore, Natasha Pilkauskas

Racial Classification and Boundary Making
Jane Furey (Discussant) †

10:30 to 12 Poster Session (Regency Ballroom)

Relative Earnings and Work-to-Family Conflict: An Examination of Job Demands and Resources, Family Demands, and Gender
Vanessa Lang

Childbearing, Child-Rearing, and Family Size at the Nexus of an Ideal Elite Family in Kampala, Uganda
Charles Katulamu †

11 to 12:15 Poster Session (Regency Ballroom)

Residential Land Use Regulations and Child Homelessness
Joe LaBriola, Margot Jackson

Does the Earned Income Tax Credit Reduce Caregiving for One’s Parents?
Anna Wiersma Strauss, Emily Wiemers, Katherine Michelmore

Can Increasing Access to Contraception Mitigate the Effects of Dobbs? Evidence From a Randomized Control Trial
Martha Bailey, Vanessa Lang
Delaware C

Aging in Middle- and Low-Income Countries
Shane Burns (Chair) †
Taft B

1:30 to 3 Poster Session (Regency Ballroom)

Attitudes Toward and Perspectives on Abortion in Uganda: Development of an Abortion Positionality Framework
Charles Katulamu †

African Birth Timing: Educational Differentiation Across Time, Educational Access, and Family Planning Effort
Sara Lopus, Margaret Frye

1:45 to 3

Epigenetic Biomarkers of Socioeconomic Status Are associated With Age-Related Chronic Diseases and Mortality in Older Adults
Lauren Schmitz, Lauren Opsasnick, Scott Ratliff, Jessica Faul, Wei Zhao, Jennifer Smith
Franklin D

Associations Between Cardiovascular Disease, Cognition, Kidney Function, and Polyepigenetic Scores of Atherosclerosis in the Health and Retirement Study
Farah Ammous, Colter Mitchell, Jessica Faul
Franklin D

Rethinking Rurality: Evidence From GPS Location Tracking in North Carolina
Liang Cai, Kate Cagney
Franklin A

3:15 to 4:30

Spatial Demography of Environmental Risks
Elizabeth Fussell (Chair)

Geographic Variation in Marriage Decline Across U.S. Counties, 1990–2017
Jake Hays †, Emily Parker

3:30 to 5 Poster Session (Regency Ballroom)

Exploring Racialized Experiences of Black Creatives in the Platform Gig Economy: Challenges, Opportunities, and Navigation Strategies
Erykah Benson †

U.S. States, Labor Supply, and the Inequality-Generating Process Since the 1990s
Chalem Bolton †

Second Chances or Growing Gaps? Educational Upgrading in Adulthood and Black–White Economic Inequality in Midlife
Jane Furey †

The Legacy of Advantage: Multigenerational Home Wealth Transmission
Catalina Anampa Castro †

Saturday, April 20

8:30 to 10 Poster Session (Regency Ballroom)

Childhood Maltreatment and Accelerated Epigenetic Aging: Examining Cumulative Risk and Developmental Sensitivity
Olivia Chang, Colter Mitchell, Kathryn Maguire-Jack, Helen Meier

9 to 10:15

Neighborhood Contexts and the Well-being of Children and Youth
Narayan Sastry (Chair)

12 to 1:15

Exploring the Relationship Between Birthweight and Father’s International Migration Status in Nepal
Uttam Sharma, Dirgha Ghimire, Emily Treleaven
Delaware B

† designates current PSC trainee or postdoc


Apr 17 - 20 2024


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