Understanding Cross-National Variations and Trends in Islamic Fundamentalism
Proposed Project Period: 1/1/11 ? 11/30/12

University of Michigan Work Scope

Under this collaborative proposal, Arland Thornton at the University of Michigan will collaborate with Mansoor Moaddel to collect data for the proposed project. Thornton will provide guidance on overall research design and in the measurement of values and beliefs. He will also participate in data analysis, with particular emphasis on developmental idealism and the ways in which Western values and ideas are accepted, modified, or rejected in Middle Eastern countries.

Linda Young-DeMarco will coordinate the flow of data between the international research sites and the UM, maintain IRB applications with EMU and UM, produce monthly sponsor reports, respond to informational requests from ONR and EMU, plan and supervise de Jong?s activities, and will participate in data analysis and research report writing.

Julie de Jong will focus on creation of codebooks, documentation of data for public release, documentation of the complex file construction, implementation of multivariate analyses, creation of tables, figures, and other tools for summarizing analytic results, and other closely related research support activities.